There is a GP practice in Carbost, just 2 minutes from the house, on the road to the Old Inn. They are open Monday to Friday and you can make an appointment by ringing 01478 640202.


Many of Skye’s beauty spots are only accessible via single track roads with passing places. If you have no experience of driving on these narrow roads I would recommend you have a look at this page:  It contains very useful information that will help you be a courteous driver.

EV Charging

There are a few charging stations on and around Skye, but some are unreliable and often out of order. The best ones in my experience are in Kyleakin. The best app to use is the one from ChargePlaceScotland. About 90% of all chargers in Scotland are part of this network. A lot of their chargers, certainly the ones on Skye, cannot be used with a credit card and some cannot be used with the app.  To be sure you can charge even when there is no Internet coverage at the charger’s location, you can ask for an RFID card on It costs £12 and you will receive it about 12 days after applying for it. Then, when you use one of their chargers they will take payment at the end of the month.

If you are have problems charging for the first time, it may be because your account has been blocked. A quick phone call to the very helpful ChargePlaceScotland staff at 01416480750 will solve your problem.

Rubbish & Recycling

There are two bins by the steps to the house. The blue one is for recycling paper, carton, cans, tins and hard plastics. No glass. The green one is for household waste. Fortnightly collection day is Tuesday morning. Please put the bin out the evening before. The schedule for which bin on which date is in the house guide. The nearest recycling points for bottles and jars is just outside Carbost, by the road to Portnalong. Others are at the Sligachan Hotel and the Co-op in Portree or Broadford.

Leaving Food

Any unopened packets, tins, jars and bottles will be donated to the local foodbank.


There is a local shop just 2 minutes from the house, on the road to the Old Inn. They sell most day to day necessities.


We are sorry, but we do not allow pets.

Post Office

The post office is next to the shop. They are open Monday to Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00am.


One thing that Dutch and British people have in common is the ability to talk, and complain, about the weather for hours. So, I could devote several pages to that subject! Don’t worry, I won’t. There are many misconceptions about the weather on Skye. People often think that it is much colder than the rest of Britain. The effect of the Atlantic Gulfstream means that is is often a couple of degrees warmer on the west coast than the rest of Scotland. In fact, palm trees grow on our island! Inverewe Garden has a great collection of plants that you would not expect to find this far North and is well worth a day trip.

It has been said that on any given day on Skye you can encounter all four seasons. I have experienced glorious sunshine, snow and rain on the same day. We have gloriously sunny days in winter and rainy ones in summer. Either way the island is still beautiful and as many people said and say: “there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing” (Ranulf Fiennes, a German saying, John Ruskin, Billy Connolly, common Norwegian phrase, Alfred Wainwright.) I use two very good sites to get information and forecasts of local weather: Highland & Islands Weather and Skye Weather.

Wheel Chair Access

There are a few steps to get to the front door of the house (19 to be exact) and there is no downstairs bedroom. So, unfortunately, our property is not wheel chair accessible.


The WiFi has been upgraded recently so you now have a respectable 18Mb/Sec to enjoy.